π-Learn is an easy to use, free for all open learning website. You can take part in different courses with a big variety of topics. And the best of all: It is completely free!

However, the strongest feature is by far the community interaction with the website. You earn reputation points by using the website and earn more privileges. Users can also suggest more courses and help edit them easily.

Click here to learn more about π-Learn.

Open Learn is an open sourced version of the software running at π-Learn. Currently, the live version of the site is offline because of some breaking bugs.


9haxify is a small project of mine to automatically configure all kinds of windows and unix based computer systems. It started out as a way to quickly execute a lot of small patch scripts on Unix environments.

The 9haxify Repository will be renamed shortly.


This is one for the linux users: a small program containing a lot of small tweaks to commands i frequently use in bash.

So far, it has only been tested on a handful of debian distributions, but I am hard at work to support every system I come across.

Visit the project's GitHub Repository to learn more.